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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE - The purpose of The Norcliffe Foundation is the improvement of the quality of life of all people in the community by the application of financial and human resources.


1. Geographical Areas - Puget Sound Area of Washington State

2. Categories

The Norcliffe Foundation provides grants in the areas of health, education, social services, civic improvement, religion, culture and the arts, the environment, historic preservation and youth programs.

3. The Norcliffe Foundation excludes from consideration grants to:

3a) Organizations without tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code

3b) Organizations for deficit financing.

3c) Individuals on their own behalf or for the benefit of specific individuals.

4) General Information -

4a) Trustees do not conduct personal interviews with applicants unless The Foundation trustees request a personal visit.

4b) There are no specific deadlines for receipt of proposals, or formal applications used. One copy of a letter proposal and/or common grant application form should be directed to the President. A request should be specific in both project and funding desired and should also include the following:

  • A list of the Board of Directors
  • An IRS 501(c)3 Determination Letter
  • A financial statement & budget information
  • Background information on the agency applying
  • Funding received, denied & applied for (Identifying the amount & source)

4c) Areas of funding include capital campaigns, certain operating budgets and special projects.

4d) Since the review process entails careful study, an applicant should allow three to six months for a decision. An acknowledgement will be sent upon receipt of the application.




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